Your Personal Sound Amplifier

Discrete and personal amplifier in your pocket.

What is MoblEar?

No extra hardware
MoblEar is a free ($0 and 0 Advertisement) app built, to run right off your iPhone. No extra hardware needed, all you have to do is use the device you already have on you. MoblEar was built so you can use it inconspicuously, use it with traditional head phones or noise controlling ones and still look cool while paying attention to conversations around you.

Whats next
We hope to build in features like noise canceling, voice recognition, even sound recognition into the software. Our goal is to try and keep it free and eventually be device agnostic so you can use it on any smart phone.

How you can help
For now, just pass the word around the more people using out app the more we will be motivated to keep building features. MoblTabl will always remain free so no harm in passing around the word.

How are we tied to MoblTabl
MoblEar was created as an off-shoot of MoblTabl our Mobile Ordering Application.

Want to contact us?

Phone: +1 (404) 550 7895